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Creating A Customer Charter

The purpose of a Customer Promise is to help promote the quality and standard of your services to both customers and staff. 

It is also an ideal way to define exactly what those qualities and standards are and more importantly how they can be collectively achieved.

By working together to create a Customer Promise your team will feel committed to its continuing implementation and success.


Firstly we arranged groups made up of employees from different departments and with different experience levels: younger team members who might provide provide energy and optimism alongside veterans who might provide insight from past experiences. 

We also ensured that the groups contained people with a disproportionate influence in the organisation – this included both advocates and dissenters.

These groups then took part in a number of focus sessions where they explored the customer journey and talked about what guests at Aspinall SHOULD be experiencing - from all the sessions we were then able to produce a fantasy version of the perfect guest experience.

In the second session we looked at all the barriers that would prevent the delivery of that perfect experience and how individuals could take ownership of breaking down these barriers.

The emphasis being about looking in a positive manner at what training, funding, cultural and procedural changes might need to be made in order to facilitate the perfect Guest experience.

Finally we gathered together all of the words, conversations, hopes, challenges and solutions we had discovered and turned them in to a Customer promise that reflected the ethos of the organisation, the ambitions of it’s staff and the collective agreement to strive towards delivering a perfect guest experience.

The result – A clear vison defined. A commitment to shared responsibility agreed.