Training title

Customer Service Training

We all know that we should greet our customers with a smile, treat their complaints with a huge amount of empathy and always go that extra mile to make their day.

In order to allow your team to achieve this we build their enthusiasm, help them really understand their role, make them feel proud of what they do and give them a strong sense of ownership.

Once all of this has happened excellent customer service will flow naturally!


Dreamland offered a unique experience as it was essentially a brand new visitor attraction.

The staff culture didn't exist, there were no staff guidelines in place, there weren't any experienced staff who could guide newer ones and we had no idea how guests might react in different situations.

We initially worked with the management, the design and the marketing teams to help define the message they wanted to get across to staff in terms of the organisations ethos and attitude.

This information was then used to create a series of workshops and materials that could communicate this message to staff and that could be used to support the message moving forward.

We built enthusiasm and excitement amongst the staff about delivering the Dreamland brand in terms of how they should act, listen and respond around customers - and in taking ownership for delivering the best experience they possibly can.

The result - Great attitudes. Amazing Trip advisor posts.