Training title

Presentation Skills

Your team may often be required to act as presenters whether that’s for an educational  workshop, an animal talk, a guided tour or even to introduce a show.

We can help them engage more successfully with audiences by showing them how to make everything they say more memorable, helpful, interactive and fun. 

By learning about the delivery of clear information, the use of interaction techniques, using volunteers and creating humour they will be left with the confidence to begin presenting in an engaging and exciting manner.


When the former Olympic Velopark, Hockey and Tennis centres re-opened to the public they were visited many high profile people including the Prime Minister. Managers and HOD’s were required to escort these VIP visitors around the venues. 

We ran workshops to discover what interesting information, relevant stories and favourite facts the team already had at their disposal. We then helped structure these into bite sized chunks that could be shared as they guided their visitors around the venues.

By encouraging the team to realise they already had interesting things to say we were able garner their enthusiasm and increase their confidence – allowing them to enjoy the second part of the sessions were we explored engagement and interaction techniques.

The result – Naturally confident staff. Engaged guests.