Training title

Staff Induction

A motivational introduction to the attitude and ethos of your organisation should be an important part of your induction process – by continuing to deliver the message you begin to immerse your staff team into your culture.

We can help you create an induction session that supports and instills your core messages and values as well as acting as a team-bonding exercise.


Staff recruitment and induction

Crealy asked us to help develop their recruitment and induction processes. 

Firstly we attended their current process so that we could experience it first-hand, we then ran focus sessions with each head of department to discover what was important to them.

We then combined this information with everything we already knew about Crealy to create an induction process that truly represented their culture and attitude – and that aimed to discover recruits with attributes to match.

We also created a monitoring system to enable them to evaluate their teams performance at key points throughout the season. 

The result – Great staff. Great Trip Advisor posts.