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Staff Recruitment

Finding people with both an attitude that suits and a personality that understands your organisation is often more important than finding people with the right experience.

We can help you define the attitude and personality you are looking for and then create a recruitment process to help you find the people that fit it.

Starting with the way you advertise vacancies, through the tone of your communication to the content of your interviews - we make messaging your attitude and ethos the key to your recruitment success.


Store host recruitment

Recruiting and training lively, enthusiastic and engaging store hosts for GAP's summer and winter store promotions is lots of fun and very demanding.

The most important thing is to recruit the right people in the first place which means making sure they fit the brand and have the right attitude - from the start!

Our recruitment process asks staff to really make the effort - firstly by sending us photos of themselves dressed to impress then taking part in a lively theatrical workshop instead of an interview.

We then work hard to keep them enthused, inspired and happy to deliver a great customer experience - regular support visits, workshops, positive encouragement and constructive feedback all help ensure that they feel great about what they are doing and this shines through in terms of the quality of service they deliver.

The result: Increase in footfall. Increase in sales.

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